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Trip Reports • BAON Extreme Race
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Report from the BAON extreme race, which took place in the Caucasus from June 23-25 2005.

Article by Konstantin "Doctor" Vasin

This year the event was organized on the Chegem river (Northern Caucasus ). The race was sponsored by BAON company and also by the Men's Health magazine and Red Bull.

30 participants, including the Red Bull athelete Tao Berman and the Liquid Logic team members John Grace, Fred Coriell, Tanya Faux and Nikki Kelly, who came to Russia supported by The Northface, entered the race.

The non-Russian atheletes dominated in the qualification. However in the kayak-cross with head-to -head start of 4, a serious struggle started from the 1/8 final. In the final run Tao Berman, John Grace, Konstantin Vasin (Doctor) and Dmitry Danilov (Mit... сам переk 4; 086;ди) were competing for the main $1000 prize. Tao demonstrated some excellent acceleration and left the pursuit behind right from the start. The fight for the 2nd and 3rd places was vicious. Doctor and Mitiay were lucky enough to flip John right on the start, so he was the last. Despite John's being faster than Mitiay in the qualification, he could not catch up with him because Doctor was always in his way... The final results are:

1. Tao Berman (Red Bull)
2. Dmitry Danilov (ABV)
3. John Grace (Liquid Logic)
4. Konstantin Vasin (ABV)

The results of the extreme run were:

Participant Start number Team Country Result
1 Berman Tao 5 Red Bull USA 0:00:56:83
2 Coryell Fred 32 Liquid Logic USA 0:00:59:98
3 Grace John 27 Liquid Logic USA 0:01:01:26
4 Faux Tanya 30 Liquid Logic Australia 0:01:02:51
5 Kelly Nikki 29 Liquid Logic New Zeland 0:01:03:91
6 Porsev Vasily 23 Russia 0:01:04:60
7 Seliverstov Alex 29 Russia 0:01:05:85
8 Anufrikov Maxim 11 Russia 0:01:06:82
9 Golovkin Oleg 13 Russia 0:01:07:55
10 Danilov Dmitry 3 ABV Russia 0:01:07:57
11 Vasin Konstantin 7 ABV Russia 0:01:09:89
12 Ogoreltsev Anton 16 Russia 0:01:11:13
13 Anan'ev Sergey 1 "Three elements" Russia 0:01:11:89

We were very pleased to see atheletes from other countries at our race. We invite everybody to participate in the next event which will be held in the Nothern Caucasus in June-July next year.

The main organiser,

Konstantin Vasin

June 2005, Caucasus, Russia


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